Our Story and Mission


Hello there, come take a seat and listen to our tale,

Relaux.com, was founded in 2011 as a way to publish the playlists from a radio show called “The Noctuary” at Georgetown University.  The show aimed to provide chill, upbeat, and ambient electronic music for students and as they studied around campus. The hub of stress on campus, Launginer Library, “Lau” for short, was and still is a dreary domicile of late-night academia.

The radio show and website took on the name “ReLAUx” to reinforce the mission of chillness as a sound ambassador for the lonesome student in a cubicle at 3 a.m. Each show provided a new playlist with an hours-worth of blissful, instrumental beats. The psuedo-science behind the songs being instrumental was that they would provide a lush soundscape for the listener to discover and manifest their own creativity. Any sort of lyrics were thought to hinder this process. While Relaux now has songs that contain lyrical elements, we still prioritize those tracks that speak to the soul through beats and instrumentation.

Since it’s inception, Relaux has grown tremendously. The idea of playlists that encouraged creativity and productivity was naturally popular among stressed-out college students and the show gained a small, yet persistent following among Georgetown undergrads. However as the site grew, it has reached broader, more global audience who also embrace the chillosophy of the playlists. In 2012, Alan Henry, a writer for LifeHacker magazine, discovered the site and wrote a glowing piece detailing how listening to Relaux might be the secret weapon for anyone who wants to feel more alive and creative. It also nearly crashed the whole site with 12,o00 unique visitors in one day.

In October of 2013, the site was hacked and lost most of the content that had been built up for over two years. What you are viewing now is the most evolved form of the Relaux project.  Without the passionate listeners and fantastic feedback you beautiful souls provide, we wouldn’t have had so much success and momentum to keep growing and expanding, despite the destruction of the old site.

Thank you for being such a integral part of our journey. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to me: wfdickey[at]gmail.com. I’m always looking for both inspiring music and people.

Much love,

Will Dickey