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We never know where the next VIBE.QUEST may take us, and this time we’ve entrusted the prodigal Midside as our fearless mixer. A Frenchman making waves in the deep house genre, Midside brings us a glittering gift of melodic uptempo goodness, including some of his own tracks that have tallied close to a million ‘listens’ across the interweb. You will notice a good deal of emotional piano and guitar in stylish deep house fashion, but also some exploration of other beats and styles. Press play, then read on to learn more about his mix, his genre, and his musical methods.

Greetings Midside! We see you’re from Brest, France. Is that your hometown? Is the music scene there an influence on your work?

Hi! Glad to be here! Yes it’s my hometown, lovely city and region on the west side of France, with many peaceful seascapes and many rainy days. There’s a big techno scene but not much deep house for the moment, I don’t really know if [the scene] has really inspired me, but the city itself surely has.

Some of our readers may not know much about ‘Deep House’ music; how did you first fall in love with the genre?

At first, I had a pop rock influence with a band I had, but we quickly split, then I listened to a lot of techno and electro things starting about 2 years ago. I really appreciated those fat basses and drums, but I thought some acoustic instruments were still missing. I really discovered deep house about 1 year ago. I remember Finnebassen was (and always is) one of my favorite deep house producers. And there we go, basslines mixed with sweet melodies and acoustic instruments… It was perfect !

It seems like you have a good relationship with Dealer De Musique. Are they one of the bigger promoters for the electronic music going around France?

They were the first to repost my tracks, and we still work together to improve upcoming tracks. I think they are one of the bigger and more favored promoters here.
What I like about DDM is that they don’t repost too many tracks, and I really like their style of deep house. Their playlists are also really nice, perfect for chillout sundays !

What was your vision for the mix you are sharing with us?

In fact, the tracks in this mix are some of my favorites at the moment. And since your readers may not know deep house, so I tried to show them different tempos and moods. I really hope you’ll like it and keep on listening to deep house tracks!

Do you get to play music or DJ much in France or elsewhere? Does what you play change from your recordings?

For the moment, I’ve only mixed in France. I’d love to travel elsewhere for work! I’m also working on a real live performance for this summer, with live instruments.
When I DJ, most often, I try to play accessible deep house tracks. Then, it depends on the hour I’m playing, if it’s too soft for the end of a party or too hard for the beginning, it ain’t good! The final goal is for the people to dance!

What is one goal for your music career?

I hadn’t really thought about that. I’d surely love to work with some artists I always enjoyed. And like I told you above, I’d also love to travel everywhere for my music !!
Apart from that, I don’t have any real goal. I’ll keep on creating tracks, I can’t live without it those days :)

Lastly, do you have any secret inspirations or methods for creating your moods and sounds?

I love to compose in my sofa with my guitar, not that incredible but sometimes it works! I often start my tracks with a piano and a guitar, and then I try to get the sound which fits best. For melodies, it depends on the day, sometime I’ll stay 2 hours trying to find a melody, but it doesn’t work. And the day after, it’ll take 5 minutes… the magic of inspiration! It comes and goes away, you just have to be at the right place at the right time!

Thank you all, I really hope you’ll enjoy the mix!


Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)
Henry Krinkle – Stay (Pham Remix)
Midside – Le Grand Jacques
Sade – Jezebel (Finnebassen Edit)
Lagendaduprince – L’air de Paris
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue (N’to Remix)
Flume – Holdin’ On (Kaytranada Edit)
Cocoon – Dolphins (Freddy Verano Remix)
ENVY – Am I Wrong (MÖWE Bootleg)
Robyn – Hang With Me (Midside Remix)
EFIX – Mad World
Of Monsters and Men – Dirty paws (TRASHYOUTH Remix)
Moriarty – Jimmy (Joachim Pastor & Romain Dalman remix)
Tinush – The World Keeps Turnin’ (Original)

Many thanks to Midside for his lively insights and fantastically relauxing mix. Make sure to keep up with his new creations via:



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